The Heurige Wininger has been opened
in 1949 for the first time
and is now led by Leo Wieninger, in the 3rd generation.

We are always striving after the best quality and a pleasant atmosphere,
which we are bringing closer to you with our personal enthusiasm.

See for yourselves and let yourselves be enchanted by our rich, seductive Buffet selection or we will serve you a delicious recommandation of the chef’s.

The multiple awarded wines with our delicacies are made
by Leo’s brother, Fritz Weininger.

All of his wines come from the top locations Bisamberg and Nusberg.



The Bisamberg:

The sandy loess soils on limestone gives the grapes more fruit and freshness.



The Nussberg:

Weathering limestone soils give the grapes more minerality. The vineyards region in Vienna is the only one in the world that is entirely within the boundaries of a bigger city.

See for yourself, there is something for everyone!